BI Norwegian Business School started distance education with digital elements as early as 1990. From 1995 BI developed it’s own Learning Management System and offered Bachelor programmes and shorter programmes and courses for the Executive market.

Today BI offers a large portfolio of online and blended programmes, primarily for the Executive market.

In 2011 BI established BI Learning Lab, a competence- and resource center for teaching, learning and ICT, designed towards supporting faculty and course teams in designing learning methods and models, use of digital tools and the development and production of digital educational resources.

The learning lab has been the primary innovation catalyst within the area of educational technology. Through monitoring trends as well as running more than 70 experiments and pilot projects over the last few years, BI has acquired lots of insight in teaching and learning practices of the 21st Century. Virtual learning environments, video, webinar, podcast, student response systems, teacher-student communications, chatbots, AI, edutainment concepts and high quality learning content are some of the areas BI LearningLab defines within their exploration domain. Learning Models are based on Bigg’s model of constructive Alignment to ensure a learner centric model. From 2019 Learning Lab and the library is integrated in one resource center; Library and learning resources.

After Imperial College Business School, BI was the first institution in the Alliance with new programmes on the Insendi platform. With the FOME Alliance membership, BI aims to accelerate innovation in online and blended education.