Luiss Business School is the Business and Management School of Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome and is the ideal partner in processes of growth and transformation.

Through its education and research activities, the School provides knowledge and skills to meet current and future economic and social challenges.

The approach is characterised by an entrepreneurial emphasis combined with problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking; the valuing of the importance of sustainability, social impact and diversity; and the understanding of the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Luiss Business School fosters an education model that focuses on the learner, so as to develop strategic, analytical and creative skills in the individual, supporting personal and professional development at all levels.

The School delivers a wide range of business management education programmes and courses, from one-year Masters of Science to Executive Education. Each programme has been designed to offer an impactful learning experience with the aim to foster a “can-do” attitude and nurture our students as innovative leaders, able to lead change and affect the corporate decision-making process. Moreover, Luiss Business School designs highly customised learning options addressed to companies, helping them to develop the human capital and create value. Business management education is delivered in multiple locations: Rome, Milan, Belluno and Amsterdam.

Being a leader in today’s world means not only having talent and cutting-edge skills, but also the ability to read and sense what the future holds for us and to generate the favourable conditions that drive change. The Luiss Business School’s offering goes far beyond business: it generates processes of transformation, encouraging an attitude of change so that students are leaders who help the development of the business community in a sustainable way.